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In 1995, prostate cancer was furthest from my mind since I had had a heart attack two years before. However, during a general checkup, my PSA was found to be substantially elevated. A subsequent visit to an urologist confirmed that I indeed had prostate cancer. The urologist advised me of my options, which were removal, seed implants, and external beam radiation. At that juncture, given my nature, I opted for removal, but with the proviso that my cardiologist had to approve the procedure. The two doctors conferred and then both advised me to consider a seed implant and suggested that I visit Dr. Robert J. Cole, I did.

After the examination and conference, I elected to go for the seed implant. Initially, there was the preparation phase, which proved to be the most uncomfortable part of the program, but absolutely necessary. It was at this time that Dr. Cole pinpointed the exact location of the cancer so that the radiation would be properly directed. The level of the doctor’s expertise was clearly demonstrated in his assessment of the situation, the locating of the cancer, and the calculation of the appropriate dosage, the treatment period, and the monitoring of the procedure. The thoroughness of Dr. Cole’s evaluation was evident in the steady improvement in the PSA readings, which ultimately settled at the current day level of less than 0.2. This level has been held for over five years. Therefore, I would say that I have been “CURED”!

Now by virtue of Dr. Cole’s abilities, guidance, compassionate manner, and encouragement, I can now pursue my interests in painting, fishing, travel, and various aspects of community service. Most of all, I can thoroughly enjoy my family, especially my five active grandchildren. Therefore, my faith in Dr. Cole is such, that though I now live over two hours away, I still travel the distance for my checkups to remain under his care.

So, for all this, I consider myself very fortunate to be one of Dr. Cole’s patients and thank him daily.

I was seventy–five years old when my urologist, Dr. Frank Salvatore, diagnosed me with prostate cancer. After questioning and examination, he sent me for a P.S.A. blood test, which came back with a high reading of 6.3. Several tests were done and they all came back positive that I did have cancer. Hearing that sad news, my whole body went numb. I was fortunate that I was diagnosed early, and my cancer had not spread to other sites.

He advised me to do seed implantation (brachytherapy), which favorably had helped other patients in my condition. He recommended me to Dr. Robert Cole, an oncologist, who is a specialist in that field.

Dr. Cole explained the procedure to me. I asked him several questions and got encouraging answers. I found Dr. Cole to be very patient, compassionate, simple, honest, and very friendly. October 22, 2001 was the day of my surgery. The surgery was successful and I had very little pain.

I feel years younger, and do much physical work than I used to do before. I walk about three miles, four times a week, and do strength-training exercises. I take nutrients and antioxidants regularly to keep my immune system healthy.

My advice to my fellow men is to get early and regular prostate check-ups before it’s too late. Remember the old proverb “A stitch in time saves nine”.

I thank God, Dr. Cole, Dr. Salvatore and their nurses for their excellent, professional and friendly care. I do visit my urologist for periodic check-us, hoping my P.S.A. will improve and my cancer will be something of the past.

I consider the procedure a complete success on my part as I had no bad side effects or complications.

The people in the clinic couldn’t have been nicer; and it was all over so fast.

I was out riding two days later with very little discomfort. I would recommend this procedure to anyone, especially my friends. I can’t thank you, Dr. Cole and Dr. Stone enough for probably saving my life.

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 1999 after a routine blood test given during my annual physical check-up, I was, to put it mildly, in shock.

The urologist to whom I was referred indicated to me that this was not a death sentence, as I at first thought. He in turn, referred me to Dr. Cole who, after studying all my test results, recommended a course of treatment which included radiation and seed implants.

Since the implantation, my life in just about every respect is perfectly normal.

I am 77 years of age, semi-retired, but go to my office every day. I play golf three or four times a week, visit our Canadian plant once month, go to Europe three or four times a year, and I make sure I have a prostate check-up every six months.

I feel fine, and consider my treatment was the best thing I could have done. I am extremely appreciative of the way in which Dr. Cole together with my urologist treated me.

It seems like yesterday I was informed that I had prostate cancer. It was a surprise that I was not expecting and came only by a chance visit to my doctor on a non-related subject after a twenty years hiatus. Fortunately, I was put in contact with an excellent urologist, who in turn put me in contact with Dr. Cole.

After a very interesting and detailed explanation by Dr. Cole, I was able to arrive at a decision. So far it has turned out to be an excellent choice to combat this disease, which every man will eventually have if he lives long enough.

The treatment was to have the implant seeds. This procedure turned out to be easy, pain free, and no side effects. I was surprised to find out how simple the whole operation was. After several hours I was able to go home and by the next day resume my life as if nothing had ever happened.

The thing that I have been telling my friends is that they should have a physical check up, since my blood results had not shown any indication at that time. Therefore I caught it early.

So I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Cole for his concern and the excellent job that he did to save my life. My daughter got married in June and I was able to dance at her wedding. I look forward now to many years ahead with my family.

After completing a biopsy due to slightly elevated PSA of 4.5, it was determined that cancer cells
indeed were present in my prostate. This was quite a surprise as cancer was not in my family
history and my health concern was more with high blood pressure which has been under control for the past 30 years. I was told by my Urologist that my age of 64 and physical condition made me a good candidate for surgery or radiation techniques to remove or kill the cancer cells. My decision for seed implantation was easy once all of the implications and side effects of the other procedures were understood.

Brachytherapy or seed implantation was scheduled as an outpatient procedure with several RN’s, an anesthesiologist, my urologist and Dr. Cole all present. This constituted an excellent team in excellent surroundings with excellent equipment available. Needless to say, all went well and
uneventful. The procedure was over in 2 hours and I was on my way home. Frequency and urgency of bowel movements, which were expected, occurred over the next two months as the radiation did its job and dwindled. The particular isotope that I had implanted has a half-life of 17 days. After four cycles the radiation was essentially spent and the therapy complete.

My life is now back to normal and I enjoy the outdoor life of hunting and fishing and hope to
continue this pursuit for many years to come.

My prostate cancer was confirmed by biopsy in December 2001 after my annual physical showed an elevated PSA. (Thank God for annual physicals).

The next step was the most difficult; selecting the best type of treatment. After online research, talking with people in the same predicament, and consulting with Urologists and Radiation Oncologists, I selected Dr. Robert Cole because of his informative explanation of the problem and treatment to me and my wife, plus his experience.

After two months of hormone treatment to shrink the prostate, 70 seeds were implanted under local anesthesia and conscious sedation on June 13, 2002. I went home the same day and returned to normal activities the next day with only a slight slowing of urination flow. This passed within a week and all functions are back to normal; an active life that includes golf, tennis, and running.

Dr. Cole was very helpful and understanding from start to finish and I have already recommended him to a friend for treatment.

The anxiety was still with me when I met with my personal physician to discuss my options
in treatments. The one that interested me the most was the possibility of radioactive seed implantation. Based on this, my physician referred me to Doctor Robert Cole for consultation. (I feel this was my lucky day).

Doctor Cole Proceeded to explain in terms I could easily understand: what to expect in the procedure, recovery, and long-term prognosis. In doing so, he built my confidence while alleviating my fears.

It has been over one year since my surgery. My prognosis remains good. My wife and I are back to enjoying our favorite activities of doting on the grandchildren, attending auctions and flea markets, and searching for that hidden treasure to add to our antique radio and phonograph collection.