Dr. Robert Cole Volunteers in Panama & Costa Rica

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Dr. Robert Cole

Inspired by his daughter’s medical trip to Zambia, South Africa, Robert Cole, M.D., Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist at St. Mary’s and Director of The Cancer Center, PC, embarked on a medical mission of his own. Joining students enrolled in Columbia University’s Post-Baccalaureate Medical Program, Dr. Cole traveled to Costa Rica and Panama to volunteer his time.

During his two weeks in Central America, Dr. Cole helped treat patients who lined up at a clinic, many of whom walked for days and waited outdoors all day to receive care. The group served about 150 patients every day with a nonstop work schedule.

“Traveling to Central America was my first medical mission trip, and it was a great experience,” Dr. Cole says. “The opportunity to provide care for these people while interacting with a future generation of physicians was amazing.”